About The Politician

History of the Newspaper, Vision, Mission and Values

History & Mission:

The Politician was started in 2020 by a group of university students in Cambridge. The idea throughout has been to present readers with ideas and opinions from across the broad political spectrum. We have writers that subscribe to a variety of different ideologies, which we aim to brings you fresh discussions and alternative viewpoints that you may not have concluded yourself.


What makes The Politician different from mainstream media outlets?

Our writers come from a number of different countries, and whilst based in the UK, they noticed that UK media outlets generally have distinct political biases. With that in mind, they decided to recruit politically-minded writers to share their thoughts. Also, The Politician is a completely independent newspaper. That means that we have absolutely no pressures or obligations to write favourably or unfavourably for any company, organisation or political party. Our opinions are always our own – that will never change.


Our Aim:

As a new, independent online newspaper, we’re always looking to improve and to learn. This is our team’s passion project. Our goal is to receive national recognition for our innovative and dedicated approach to opinion journalism.


Our Values:

First & foremost, The Politician values free-speech and the right to the free, informative and educational discussion of the biggest issues facing us in the contemporary world. Similarly, diversity of opinion, journalistic integrity and accessibility are valued by our organisation.

Support The Politician

In order for this newspaper to function with the best quality possible, we need donations and other forms of revenue. This is the list of people that help make The Politician possible: 



Guilherme Bica


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Non-Executive Director 
& Opinion Writer

Matt Sledge


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The Politician Independent Newspaper, created in 2020