Hugo Ferreira - Opinion Writer

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My name is Hugo Ferreira and I am part of the opinion writer team. I am currently studying Politics and Philosophy at the University of Hertfordshire but my interests reach the Arts, Culture, History and Psychology. 


One could argue that I am a Social Liberal but my concerns in politics go deeper than the weekly politics. For me, the theoretical topics should be viewed with the same attention as the weekly topic in parliament. I believe that in order to achieve a better society we need to keep questioning if the current political and democratic moulds are correct. Democracy is not a set thing, it is something we strive for, and so is Journalism. 

 My discontentment with British journalism made me want to participate, and bring back what is important to the work of an opinion writer: Bring insight into a matter and ideas that no one has thought of.

The Politician Independent Newspaper, created in 2020