George Floyd did not die for this

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Let me start by saying that this situation is simply horrible. It is incredibly worrying that in the XXI Century we are still witnessing racist people, in this case, police, killing, or even causing any type of harm to other people just because of their sexuality, gender, race, etc. However, the escalation and the proportion the protests have taken is completely ridiculous. I am going to attempt to analyse the protests in this article that have succeeded the death of George Floyd.

It is pretty hard not to stay up to date with the situation that happened in the United States in May. I will, however, describe the situation for any reader of TPIN that has not yet catch up with the news. George Floyd, a black man, was arrested without resisting the arrest by the Minneapolis police for using a false $20 bill. George Floyd died following that arrest because the policeman that arrested him pressed his knee onto George Floyd’s neck for a total of 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

It is not hard to find the video that recorded everything including his death. It is revolting to watch that video, but I absolutely recommend you to do so. Not because it is a nice 10 minutes of your life but because it is not. His name must be kept alive so that we can prevent any situation, even if remotely similar with this, from ever happening again. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. There are multiple cases of black people that are arrested without clearly doing anything other then being, some going as far as getting killed.

Examples of this are the Sacramento Police shooting the unarmed black man Stephon Clark 20 times in his grandparents' backyard, Philando Castile being killed for letting a police officer know that he had a firearm, for which he had a license for, with him. It is revolting that these examples immediately come to mind, without even googling them. I know it.

This is a fundamental problem that is residing in the United States that dates back to the US Civil War 1861 and that was not eradicated with the Emancipation Proclamation on 1 January 1863.

However, regardless of being a fundamental problem that needs to be taken care of, shocking deaths like George Floyd always make your stomach hurt. So, clearly doing nothing about this is not the answer. The answer then becomes the revolutions and protests that are happening. Yes, protest. Yes, show that you are tired of this situation. Yes, do all that, but do not loot. Do not destroy. That is when we lose part of the popular support so needed in a cause like this.

And they, thankfully, did. People have rioted and protested the racism that is inherent in the world society as the protests have echoed in the entire world. But, the way the protests have been done is wrong.

There are 3 main problems with the George Floyd Protests. The first is, well, coronavirus is not eradicated. This is a very serious situation. The main recommendation, and the point where everyone seems to agree on (one of the few) is that we must keep our social distance. That is our job as humans that do not want to be contaminated nor want to contaminate others, to remain socially distanced and the images that we have been getting from the United States, the country that has the most reported cases, does not show that happening. This, just like the racism itself, is not a situation that we are seeing only in the United States but as it is the focus of the protests and this article, that’s what I am pinning. Doing the protests this way makes the possibility of a second wave a lot higher, something that everyone is fighting towards not having since it makes people dying, people jobless, people struggling to pay their bills and so on and so on. TPIN has covered the consequences of coronavirus here. It is incalculable how the protests will affect the spread rate, but I guarantee to you that it will, making this an undesirable situation.

The second part of this that is incorrect with this situation is the looting that has been happening. It is immoral and unethical to steal in any way shape or form. This is non-debatable and what has been happening with this protests is clearly not why the protest has, itself, started. This is not why George Floyd died and this is not the legacy that, I believe, he would like to leave: the protests to his death turned into something that has nothing to do with black lives mattering nor George Floyd but have to do with immoral, unethical, opportunistic people that decided to take advantage of a man’s death to steal the nearest Nike shop to get the newest shoes and jacket. If this is his way to go, at least it is a possibility for the black community in the United States to have a better life, a more equal life, not to be related with entire groups of people completely destroying stores that, in most cases, are what provides people with their bread and butter. There are even some videos of protestors killing the storeowners that tried to defend their shop. What is being done to these people is also ridiculous and disgusting.

Finally, we turn to the person that is supposed to calm the protestors down and lead the country into more equality, does nothing more than tweet “LAW AND ORDER” and instigate the police to more violence when controlling the cities. Thus, showing once again in a quarter, after coronavirus, that he is not fit for the presidency of the most important country in the world nor any presidency in any government. We elect a government because it is assumed that if we do not then we will turn to chaos. Yet the American people elected their own government and we are still in chaos. When it comes to November, the America people have to speak up and vote someone capable of doing their job into office. Unfortunately, the other option is not the best and, if Joe Biden was in the Oval Office at the moment, I'm not sure he’d have a better reaction (excluding the tweeting constantly).

George Floyd is dead and there is nothing we can do to change that. In a way, his death will save many other black people from ever happening that to them. That is one positive to take. However, what is happening in the protests is not why we should protest. We should protest to show the government that we are unhappy with a certain situation. Not to be opportunistic. Keep protesting and keep making him proud of all this. Stop looting. George Floyd did not die for this.

The Politician Independent Newspaper, created in 2020