Lose the Battle, Win the War

Updated: Jul 3

As the results of Super Tuesday's elections continue to drip through, one thing has become clear; Elizabeth Warren has run her race. Now, she must make way for the only viable progressive candidate.

Super Tuesday is the biggest day in the primary calendar. Roughly one-third of all primary delegates are up for grabs, with California and Texas the biggest two. The foremost contenders for the Democratic nomination, Sanders & Biden, won each state respectively (and a few more). Ultimately, Joe Biden won the day, picking up wins in North Carolina, Virginia & Tennessee. Whereas, Sanders won Colorado, Utah and his home state of Vermont.

Though, if Super Tuesday had happened just two weeks ago, Sanders would have likely picked up far more states - including Texas. So why didn't he?

Since the South Carolina primary, three moderate Democrats have dropped out; Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar & Tom Steyer. Naturally, this focussed the moderate Democrat vote around Joe Biden (& Michael Bloomberg, though many consider him damaged goods).

Bernie's disappointing day can be put down to a number of factors. Though, I would argue it's largely because the unity seen in the centrist camp (i.e. dropping out to strengthen an ideologically aligned candidate's chances), isn't present in the progressive camp.

It must be said, that Elizabeth Warren has not dropped out at the time of writing - though it is an ever-evolving situation.

Regardless, if Warren's objective is to see the policies and ideas she has spent her political career championing (Medicare For All, climate justice, racial equality, etc.) come to fruition, her best bet is to drop out now and endorse Bernie Sanders.

The latest RCP poll average puts Warren at 11.7, with Sanders at 26.7 and Biden at 27.3. To call this a close race would be an understatement.

Clearly, Warren's supporters flocking to Bernie would push him well and truly clear of any of the other competitors. This potential development does leave the centrist's with only one more 'wild-card' to play, which is Bloomberg - though he's rather unpredictable.

Add to the woes of the progressive wing, the fact that Warren has consistently attacked Sanders throughout their campaigns. Some of the attacks have not been big enough to sink Sanders but certainly have caused a dent in his armour.

Notably, the allegation that Sanders claimed no woman could be President of the United States. This alleged sexism, to me at least, doesn't quite ring true. Simply due to the fact that it goes against everything Sanders has said, and done, in his political career to date. However, whether he said it or not, it was brought out for Warren's gain at Sanders' expense. Since this allegation was made in mid-January, Sanders' poll numbers have spiked, whilst Warren's have slumped, so it didn't work out well for her anyway.

Progressive voters, by-and-large, prefer Sanders to Warren - though a sizable chunk still support her. If she were to drop out now, Sanders would have the full force of the Democrat's progressive wing behind him, which could push him beyond Biden & potentially into the Oval Office.

Elizabeth Warren has run an admirable race, built on equality, social justice and making the lives of ordinary people better. Though, like the moderate Democrats, she needs to understand that her race is run and that she needs to hang up her boots in support of the only viable progressive candidate.

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